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  • Why Google Now is the Future

    Google Now is the future of data. The company’s already catalogued the world and placed it in our hands. It's now giving us the information we want, when we want it. Google Now is so ubiquitous that we almost miss just how impactful the technology is—and how much it tells us about where our world is heading.

  • Evidence Please: The Common Core in Action

    This post previously appeared on the US Chamber of Commerce Blog and website for the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Center for Education and Workforce.

  • The Future of Innovation in Corporate America

    In recent years, Fortune 500 businesses have utilized a variety of approaches and positions to encourage an innovative culture within their organizations, with varying degrees of success. Now that growth is once again a corporate priority (after years of cost cutting efforts) and the understanding of how to create innovative cultures improves, there has been increasing focus on this issue from executive leadership. 

  • Average is Over: How Delaware is Leading on Common Core

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Delaware Governor Jack Markell hosted a sold-out event Monday for Delaware business, community, and education leaders to discuss how implementing high academic standards will lead to a prosperous state economy.
  • Aviation, Electricity and the Miracles of Business

    We Americans are a demanding group. Even when we are surrounded by miracles of technology and innovation, we are rarely satisfied.