2010 Sustainable Community Awards

Winner for Large Community Category

Philadelphia is being honored for Greenworks Philadelphia, the City’s comprehensive plan to address sustainability through five lenses – Energy, Environment, Equity, Economy, and Engagement.   

More than 150 specific initiatives have been designed to help reach the plan’s targets by 2015.  The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability plays a central coordinating role, managing partnerships with State and Federal agencies, and hundreds of businesses, non-profit organizations and community groups.

Winner for Midsize Community Category

The City of Grand Rapids, Michigan is being honored as an American leader in the practice of sustainability.  The city has diversified its economy, and it has more LEED-certified buildings per capita than any other U.S. community.  20% of its power is renewable, and 99% of the sewer overflow into the Grand River has been eliminated.

Winner for Small Community Category

Newton, Iowa is being honored for its collaborative efforts to take an economic crisis – the closure of its largest employer, Maytag – and create a new vision for economic diversity and long-term prosperity.

  • Over eleven-hundred new jobs have been created
  • Summer hotel revenues in Newton are up 39%, as a result of the Iowa Speedway opening in 2006
  • And, over 80 million dollars of new property assessed valuation has been created.