Best International Ambassador Award-Finalist, Tupperware Brands Corporation

A mentor, an education, good physical and mental health—these are things that every woman should be able experience and to provide to her children and loved ones.

Tupperware Brands’ business strategies and social investment programs align to enlighten, educate, and empower women and girls. Its corporate citizenship initiatives seek to level the playing field, providing them with the tools to succeed in life.

This commitment lives in local communities where key relationships and effective partnerships come together to leverage resources and capabilities. The goal is to develop accomplished women capable of taking ownership of their future and to assume leadership roles in their families and their communities.

It is widely recognized that empowering women is smart economics that yields significant social and economic returns.

Tupperware Brands forges powerful partnerships through its vast, global sales force and network of influential associates. The company has partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of America for close to 15 years, supporting its youth development programs and more recently, actively engaged in replicating this model outside the United States.

Meeting this challenge is a passion that unites the Tupperware Brands Family around the globe.

The Overall Strategy

For over 60 years Tupperware Brands has improved the lives of women around the world by offering an independent business opportunity. It generates sales while helping women learn skills, create networks, and share information that helps their families and their communities.

After a decade of success in the United States during the 1950’s, Tupperware launched operations in Europe, Japan, Australia, South Africa and Latin America.

Since then, it has expanded to 100 countries, often into communities where women often face steep barriers to employment and income generation.

The result is a global sales force of 2.5 million independent entrepreneurs. Social responsibility is intimately aligned with improving the lives of consultants, consumers and employees.

Global citizenship efforts position the company’s greatest asset – the millions of women in the sales force – as potential agents of social change capable of leading grass root campaigns to further social and economic objectives.

Tupperware Brands encourages locally driven efforts that focus on the health and welfare of women and their families – ranging from literacy programs in South Asia to after school programs in the Americas and South Africa. Community engagement and social investments are an integral part of annual business plans in all markets.

Measuring Success

The strategic focus on women and girls was launched in 2007. It entailed re-thinking programs, partnerships and cause-related marketing initiatives.

More than 35 countries have adopted this focus, and the company’s social investment portfolio has grown from $4 Million to over $8 Million. The company adopted its Chain of Confidence movement celebrating women, their strong bonds of friendship and the confidence gained through these connections.

Senior officers are lead volunteers with partner organizations, providing intellectual capital and extending their brands among civic and business peers.

By championing causes that are important to women in each market and selecting trusted non-profit partners to work on solutions, Tupperware Brands provides the opportunity to become better educated, volunteer and raise funds among sales force members to leverage the human capital of 2.5 million women in communities around the globe.

Specific success comes from a more entrepreneurial initiative. As the national sponsor of BGCA's SMART Girls and Youth of the Year programs, Tupperware Brands has become a knowledgeable advocate of this after-school model. Replicating it in disadvantaged communities around the globe has become a reality in Mexico and South Africa.

Much like BGCA, Club de Niños y Niñas de Mexico is "the place to go after school." It started out as a grassroots organization with the support of local businessmen who were alarmed at the increasing crime rates among youth in the border communities of Tijuana.

This small group of businessmen, guided by Tupperware Brands and BGCA senior executives, understood the critical need for positive role models and activities for children ages 6-18 and worked tirelessly to create a unique and productive partnership between the private sector and government.

Club de Niños y Niñas de Mexico is now pursuing an aggressive growth strategy nationwide.

Tupperware Brands is also playing a lead role in moving this effort from imagination to reality in South Africa.

The company assembled a core group of business and civic leaders to establish Boys and Girls Clubs of South Africa - and is starting with two clubs in Soweto. The Clubs provide a safe place for children where they benefit from caring mentors, tutors and academic and sport programming.

Tupperware Brands is committed to this project and relishes the opportunity to create bright futures for young people in global communities.

Promoting ideals, delivering goodwill and replicating successful models is what Tupperware Brands believes to be the role of BCLC’s international ambassadors.