Business Corps

Business Corps strives to be a catalyst for a new wave of corporate volunteerism. The goals: positive results for society, prolonged capacity-building with partner NGOs, and a rewarding pro bono experience for corporate employees.


Year One Impact Report

The Network 

Business Corps is a network of nine founding companies – Alcoa, Amadeus, Dow Chemical Company, Greif International, HP, IBM, Merck, Motorola, Tupperware Brands. In the pilot year (2011-2012), the founders donated more than $250,000 in pro bono services to three Rio-based nonprofit organizations. Corporate employees -- 24 in total -- volunteered on multi-company teams to deliver skilled expertise such as IT services, business planning, event management, and more.

Business Corps receives administrative, operational, and technical mangement from the U.S. Chamber BCLC and Executives Without Borders. It is chaired by Stuart Alzarez of Amadeus North America, who succeeds the service of founding chairman, Michael Webster of Dow Chemical Company.

The Pilot

A Business Corps pilot trip took place in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, in August 2011.  The public announcement of the Business Corps and a video screening of the Brazil Pilot took place on October 6, 2011 at BCLC's Global Corporate Citizenship Conference.

Learn about the NGOs that are the Business Corp's Brazil partners.

Why Is the Business Corps Unique?

  • Multi-company collaborative approach; led by network of private-sector partners
  • Focus on skills transfer through pro bono service and technical expertise
  • Engagement in strategically selected growth markets in terms of both social and business impact
  • Mitigated risk through the involvement of several corporate partners, as opposed to a single business shouldering full responsibility
  • Specific attention on spurring economic development through:

1. Increasing access to education 
2. Stimulating entrepreneurism and small businesses 
3. Providing vocational training
4. Creating conditions for employment opportunities