International Business Corps - Brazil

Impact Is Happening! Stories from the Rio pilot.

The International Business Corps has targeted four specific areas through which pro bono volunteers will engage with charitable organizations to advance economic opportunity within the communities they serve. Those areas are: increasing access to education, stimulating entrepreneurism, providing vocational training, and creating conditions for employment opportunities. More about the Business Corps

Founding Members of International Business Corps

Alcoa, Amadeus, Dow Chemical Company, Greif International, HP, IBM, Merck, Motorola, Tupperware Brands International

In August 2011, a pilot trip took place in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, and IBC delegates selected three organizations with which to engage as pro bono partners in the coming year: Bola Pra Frente, Saúde Criança, and CDI.

BCLC's Taryn Bird, IBC Brazil Pilot

 Dow's Michael Webster, IBC Brazil Pilot

Executives Without Borders' Bob Goodwin, IBC Brazil Pilot

About the Brazil Pro Bono Partners

Bola Pra Frente

Bola Pra Frente uses the fascination of soccer and the image of its renowned athletes to transform lives. By taking education to the playing field and sports to the classrooms, the institute has implemented the “Sports in Social Action” Program.

Target areas of IBC engagement include business planning, donation strategy for expansion of current facilities, IT infrastructure support and technical expertise assistance

Saúde Criança

The mission of Saúde Criança is to restructure sick children's families through its Plano de Ação Familiar (PAF) (Family Action Plan, or FAP program), which encompasses five core areas: health, vocational training, housing, education and citizenship.

Target areas of IBC engagement include cloud computing and IT infrastructure planning -- which will move the organization from a paper-based system to an electronic system, business/commercial expertise in retail operations fir both online and in-store kiosks, expertise on supply chain sourcing, and a cost analysis to evaluate the organization's cost-savings to the public health system by reducing the number of days children are in the hospital


CDI uses knowledge to stimulate local economic development and job creation.

Target areas of IBC engagement include strategic business planning and market development.

Pilot video by founder member Dow Chemical Company and Dow One World