Wednesday News Review - Saying No, STEM and Entrepreneur of the Year.

December 19, 2012


It’s Wednesday, and we’ve been tracking the most relevant news all week in order to keep you informed. 


  • Stephanie Chandler tells Forbes that women’s top resolution in 2013 should be “saying no.” She argues that saying no to various engagements can open up your schedule, and leave you with more time and less stress. 
  • The Guardian had an article on a subject we’ve been talking about lately – the lack of women in the STEM field. Across the pond, the numbers are rather startling. A survey of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Physics, Royal Academy of Engineering and the Institution of Civil Engineers found that each had less than 5% of women in their respective workforces. As the article points out, nobody seems ready to claim ownership of the problem.
  • Pink hair, freakish talent – it’s no wonder they call Limor Friend, “Lady Ada.” Now, we can call her Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Read the success story about her company, Adafruit Industries. It’s a fascinating success story.

What struck you as news-worthy this week? Tell us in the comments below. 


Happy Holidays!