Happening this Week

March 13, 2013
Center for Women in Business

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is causing a stir with her new book, Lean In. She offers women in leadership positions advice on how to continue advancing themselves in business. Making sure you’re in the correct environment that embraces your skills and expertise; and knowing when to walk and when to talk are essential, according to Sandberg.

Banking giant Wells Fargo announced Friday it plans to lend $55 billion dollars to women-owned businesses by 2020. “Women-owned businesses are among the fastest growing segments,” said Lisa Stevens, lead executive for small business and West coast regional banking president.  The bank has supercharged their donations; in 1995, Wells Fargo promised $1 billion to the same cause.

Defense contractors, typically a male-dominated field, are on the forefront of changing executive leadership roles. Phebe Novakoic leads General Dynamics, Marilyn Hewson oversees Lockheed Martin and Linda Hudson tops BAE Systems.

Elite female athletes concerned with post-athletic career opportunities should worry no more. Former Olympic swimmer Donna de Varona and Ernst & Young have partnered together to create the Women Athletes Global Leadership Network. The desired outcome is for female athletes to become connected with female business leaders, increasing the chances of a meaningful careers post sports.

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