This Week: Gaining Confidence From Michelle Obama and More

April 26, 2013
  • Did you know looking at pictures of Michelle Obama or Hilary Clinton during speeches makes you more confident? Recent studies support this theory.
  • Since 1997, women-owned businesses have been popping up like wildfire, with California leading the pack. The number has increased by an estimated 59%, according to American Express.
  • The National Association for Female Executives honors the achievements of members in their careers, communities and businesses. The organization is currently accepting applications for the Women of Excellence awards. There are 10 categories whose winners will be announced December 10. Interested? Apply!
  • One of the keys to an entrepreneur’s success is peer support, according to Zeenat Rahman, a special adviser for John Kerry. We’re all for mentorship, and found what she had to say insightful.
  • If you’re stressed and don’t know why or merely want to combat it, check out HeartMath’s helpful infographic explaining the phenomenon.

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