Women in Business Profile: Dr. Bridget Duffy

April 1, 2013

Dr. Bridget Duffy has never been the biggest fan of “conventional.” She knew early on that she wanted to create her own path in the medical field. What she has accomplished has been remarkable; she’s put her own spin on health and the patient experience.

Early in her medical career, Duffy reached out to Earl Bakken. Earl founded Medtronic, now the world’s largest medical technology company, but he is best known for inventing the pacemaker. She read a paper he wrote and decided to call him. The two formed a relationship, and Bakken became a mentor to her.

Duffy’s resume is littered with wins. She became the Medical Director of Medtronic, a position she attributes to Bakken’s mentorship, as well as teaming up with him to create the American Institute for Health and Healing. Later, she became the first CXO of the Cleveland Clinic, helping to build an infrastructure that would listen to both patients and physicians to help create a better environment and more favorable outcomes. She was the first CXO in the healthcare industry.

Duffy left the Cleveland Clinic in 2009 and now serves as the CEO of ExperialHealth, which is a leading resource for hospitals that want to improve the patient experience. Some of her clients include the Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente and HCA.

What we love about Duffy’s story is her success with finding a mentor. Earl Bakken helped her launch her career. How can this success be emulated? Duffy told OtherDoctors.com that medical students shouldn’t be afraid to seek out mentors, that if they read something interesting about someone they should “have the chutzpah to call them.”