Dell Is Paying It Forward

June 5, 2013

Imagine a young lady whose dream is to sell educational toys to the next generation of kids. She has the ideas and passion, but doesn’t know where to begin. A little shove in the right direction could be the beginning of her descent into entrepreneurial success – and a brighter future for children.

What can she do?

Introduce Dell’s new “Pay It Forward” campaign to the equation and she could make her dream a reality through the gestures of others.

The premise behind Dell’s new idea is simple: If one woman helps another, that woman will support another and so on until there’s a global community of connected women. Grateful for each other’s support, this group could potentially become a catalyst of change for women’s future business triumphs. By encouraging women to help other women, Dell believes “Pay It Forward” may be able to reach 1 million women entrepreneurs by the end of 2015.

Dell’s definition of “help” in this case is broad, in the best way possible. People, hours and money are considered “gestures.” In fact, any act that produces a positive impact on a woman’s life is considered a gesture. It can be as brave as giving someone a $10,000 loan or as basic as forwarding an email to the right girl—as long as it affects the recipient positively.

These “gestures” fall into three basic categories: people, hours, and money.

Consider how vital people and interpersonal relationships are to building a business. Without people, there are no mentors. There’s no networking. In the business world, an introduction can lead a woman down the right career path.

Hours are defined by the time that women spend mentoring others or acting in leadership roles, such as participating in a woman led company’s board. The women already active in these roles are the influencers that Dell hopes to reach.

Finally, money goes toward charities that help women and girls in various ways or fledgling women-led businesses.

Interested in getting involved? Log on to the “Pay It Forward” website to discover opportunities to help organizations such as Girl Scouts of America, Girl Up, and Dell Social Innovation Challenge. With your help, Dell could reach their goal of helping 1 million women entrepreneurs by 2015.

Who will you potentially impact?