For Coca-Cola, Advancing Women Means Success

August 7, 2013

It’s Wednesday, here’s what’s making news this week:

Women in leadership roles have always had hardships but some may be putting themselves in a “glass cage.” The term refers to the misgivings about ability and skills that prevent women from moving forward in the workplace. Read more about the issue here.

The Women’s Foodservice Forum gathered its largest number of women leaders in the industry at its 11th annual summit in Chicago last week. Women executives heard from CEO’s in the field and gained unique insights to help increase their influence as potential and current leaders.

Coca Cola’s CEO Muhtar Kent isn’t shy about his support of businesswomen. Last week, Kent said having women in leadership roles boosts morale, makes brands better, and creates successes.

Huffington Post recently created a list of five reasons women fear career failure. Each reason had a lengthy response as to why this shouldn’t be an issue. See the list here.

Need a few tips on how to achieve your career goals? How about ten? Set goals and actively pursue them are just two examples from this helpful list published by All Business.

In the workforce, women are more communicative and better at multitasking. These are just a few examples of traits that create a strong leader. Curious to see if you have any of these characteristics?

While the amount of female startups is continually growing, a few factors still hinder their growth. The need for helping encourage and foster the amount of women entrepreneurs is an economic issue and not a gender-based issue, according to

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