10 Women Changing the Way You Communicate

September 11, 2013

It’s Wednesday, here’s what’s making news this week:

Women are changing the communications game—particularly in the digital space. New York Women in Communications, an organization that supports the advancement of women in top positions of the field, recently held their inaugural WiCi awards. Here are 10 women who are changing the communications industry.

Confidence is a key for women aiming for the C-Suite. A lack of confidence seems to be one thing holding back women from pursuing those top jobs. Read more about how to increase your confidence.

Women need mentors, but so do men. And what many men lack is female mentors. Because of this, both men and women are missing opportunities to further diversify, develop, and understand the challenges both face in the workforce.

Women are breaking down barriers in a number of fields—college admission rates, academic scores, entering male-dominated industries—and now entrepreneurship. Read more about this trend.

Does your job fit into your vision of a “perfect life?” One woman’s interesting stance on the matter considers the differences between a “dream job” and a “dream life.”

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