Success: possible in the workplace and in your personal life?

October 16, 2013

It’s Wednesday, here’s what’s making news this week:

  • Regardless of the strides women have made in the workforce, many still face strong headwinds while navigating toward personal success. But it’s not impossible. The New York Times recently sat down with four female business executives to discuss their stories and advice for future generations. Read here.
  • Sarah Calhoun needed a better pair of work pants, so she designed the perfect pair. When she realized the issue far reached just her, she founded Red Ants Pants.  The company produces a large line of work wear designed just for women. Read more about Calhoun’s work.
  • If you haven’t figured out exactly what you want to do in life just yet, don’t fret. Judi Henderson Townsend founded her mannequin recycling business at the age of 45. Read about three other who found inspiration (and acted on it) later in life.
  • Brian Sharples, president and CEO of HomeAway, believes women should be encouraged to enter technology fields and shouldn’t be turned away from executive roles. Read more about his positive opinions here.

What have you been reading? Let us know in the comments.