Two Busy Moms Turned Daily Chores into Business Dreams

November 12, 2013
Center for Women in Business

It’s Wednesday! Here’s what’s making the news this week:

  • As a busy mother of three, Erin Balogh garnered a few battle scars from her early morning routines—particularly from her curling iron. She tried to find a solution and when she couldn’t, she made her own: Hot Iron Holsters. Read more here
  • Stephanie Allen started making fix-and-freeze meals for her family in 1986. Eventually, she began expanding outside her family, and before she knew it the demand was so large she needed help from her business manager friend, Tina Kuna. Read about their ups and downs of their journey here
  • A group of Australia’s most influential CEO’s has created a new policy that’s garnering a lot of attention: “No Women, No Work.” Simply put, these executives will not work with suppliers who do not have a substantial amount of women in their workforce, putting pressure on them to commit to diversity. Read more about the idea here
  • With women making 85% of buying decisions in all households across America, more retail companies are recognizing this impact and appointing women to board seats. In 2012, 18.4% of directors on the largest retailers in the world were women. Avon, one of the most-recognized consumer good companies, ranks first worldwide with 60% of its board being female. Read more here

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