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What makes leaders effective in an environment that is rapidly changing, volatile, and unpredictable? And what makes those effective leaders get the most out of life?


There's value in wading through junk—or through venues historically viewed as all the “wrong places”—to realize breakthrough insights and innovations.

Is 2014 the Year for Dreaming Big?


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation reads the Internet so that you don’t have to, sharing a short list of curated blog posts for your Friday reading.


Mark Perry of AEI charts one of the "most remarkable achievements in human history: the 80% reduction in world poverty in only 36 years."


Why Sweden is leading the way in mobile payment technology.


10 myths about American broadband internet -- and its far more hopeful reality.


Christmas shows us why the Information Revolution is only just beginning.


Is 2014 the year of smart, wired, and "boring" devices?


Vizynary has an incredible visualization of America's migration patterns. Two findings stand out:

  • "Texas is the second-largest destination for migrants. Over 500,000 people moved to Texas in 2012. People tend to come from the Southeast, Southwest, and the West, with the biggest contributor being California. 62,702 Californians packed up and moved to the Lone Star state in 2012."
  • "Most people leaving DC tend to stay in the area, opting for Virginia or Maryland. The economy of DC, centered around the federal government, seems to discourage more distant migrations."