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What makes leaders effective in an environment that is rapidly changing, volatile, and unpredictable? And what makes those effective leaders get the most out of life?


First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden attended the Fort Campbell Veterans Jobs Summit, which included panel discussions and Hiring our Heroes job fair for service members and military spouses.

Welcome to Our Wearable Future


The future is here, says the Consumer Electronics Show, and it's wearable. Forrester's JP Gownder has this take:

"Wearable devices — and the apps, software, and services that make those wearables truly valuable — will change the way workers do their jobs and how consumers manage their lives. Every day (and surely this week), I talk to inventors, entrepreneurs, and established vendors entering the wearables space. The dynamism I encounter in this space reminds me of the early days of the Web in the late 90s."


In 2013, 3 million people pledged $480 million to fund nearly 20,000 successful crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter.


Robot farmers are the future of agriculture -- though just how far into the future remains to be seen.


NY Times: "After using big-data techniques to document the frequency of sad and happy words in millions of books, the researchers concluded that the emotional mood of literature reflects the mood of the economy over the previous 10 years."


Eli Dourado has a terrific blog post on getting bitcoin-like innovation -- just without the cryptocurrency part. As he points out, "Bitcoin is much more than a currency, in the same way that the Internet is much more than the telecommunication services that preceded it."


When IBM's Watson supercomputer won Jeopardy! in 2011, it was the size of a master bedroom. Today, it's the size of 3 pizza boxes. And while this cognitive computer is growing smaller in size, IBM is investing a further $1 billion in Watson in order to tap into what's expected to be a growing market.


Creative destruction, music industry version (courtesy of The Economist):