Stockphotos of Women Aren’t Quite Picture Perfect

February 12, 2014
Center for Women in Business

It’s Wednesday, here’s what’s making news this week:

  • Barbara Corcoran is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, investor and a shark. A shark investor on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, that is. She’s seen and invested in plenty of ideas over the course of the show, and remains firm in one piece of advice everyone – men and women – should heed: Trust your gut. That’s what Tiffany Krumins did when she appeared on the show and demonstrated how her little device called “Ava the Elephant” helped get even the fussiest child to take his or her medication. Some of the other judges thought the business silly, but Krumins remained confident and in the end both she and Corcoran prospered from Ava. Read more here.
  • Have you ever searched “businesswoman” online only to find a myriad of photos of women in grey pantsuits, wearing glasses and holding a leather briefcase? and Getty plan to revamp the image of a businesswoman in the world of stock photos to have it reflect reality more. The new library will feature a wider variety of women in different professional scenarios and stray further away from the typical stock photo you find today. Read more here.
  • Where are the highest paid cities for women? Washington D.C., and the San-Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa-Clara metro area dished out the best salaries while san Francisco and New York City’s salaries were closet to what men were paid for similar positions. Read more about where pays the most here.

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