Google Supports Women Entrepreneurs

March 5, 2014
Center for Women in Business

It’s Wednesday, here’s what’s making news this week:

  • Tired of wage discrimination? Head to Silicon Valley, where new research has shown there is no statistically significant difference in female and male engineers’ salaries. The study, conducted by the American Association of University Women, examined data on college graduates under the age of 35 receiving their first bachelor’s. Read more about the findings here.
  • Female entrepreneurs are launching businesses at twice the rate of men. By 2018, this will help create an estimated 5 million new jobs. Funding and loans have been increasingly given to female business owners, due to their good credit scores and profit margins. Read more here.
  • Women-owned businesses are thriving, and for good reasons. For example, more women than man attend and graduate from college. More and more loan approvals are being given to female-owned companies as well. For more good information, go here.
  • Good news for current and future female entrepreneurs: Google has got your back. The tech giant recently announced a new program, #40Forward, which will give $1 million to companies pledging to increase female participation in their own programs by 25% over the next year. The tech industry has received increased attention for the lack of women, and Google aims to rectify it. Read more here.

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