What Works for Women Entrepreneurs

April 30, 2014

It’s Wednesday, here’s what’s making news this week:

  • Every day, there are encouraging signs that the increase of women in higher levels in the workforce is steady, but how can this be further enabled? Getting more men on the side of female advancement is one obstacle to continuously overcome and Business Insider has seven ways men can do just this. Read the list –including “don’t cast women in supporting roles” and “make sure women receive fair credit” – here.
  • Shauna Mei is a successful MIT engineering graduate who’s worked for Goldman Sachs and paved a successful career in the tech industry, much to be admired. Her number one advice to other aspiring female entrepreneurs in the field? Don’t think about the disadvantages about what it’s like to be a woman in technology. Read more about her story, and more helpful tips, here.
  • Entrepreneurism is a risky business. But for some, it’s overwhelmingly worth it. So, what works for women who are trying to become entrepreneurs? Leaning in, winning awards and balancing corporate and personal lives are all challenges, but ones that can easily be overcome. Read more about what works for women as entrepreneurs here.

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