Build Your Business By Building Confidence

May 14, 2014
Center for Women in Business

It’s Wednesday, here’s what’s making news this week:

  • While women-owned businesses continue to grow at a rapid pace—the fastest in the U.S.—many are still facing hurdles. New research out of Kansas City shows that the top component to a thriving business for women is confidence. Remaining confident through obstacles is key. Read more about the findings here.
  • What’s a crucial source of talent for financial departments of businesses? Women. Global business advisory service CEB recently comprised a list of behavioral profiles that many women leaders fit perfectly. Examples of such profiles include “doer” and “builder.” Read more about why firms need female finance leaders here.
  • Sisters Mary and Anne Ferrara fell in love with marketing in 1985. A chance they took then, back when male counterparts ran the industry and much of the working world, worked out in the long run. Currently, the two own PCI Creative Group, a firm with a full staff and 300 clients. Yesterday, they were honored in their state of Connecticut, where the first “Women Owned Business Day” was recognized. Read more about their success here
  • Making mistakes is never desirable, but learning from and talking about lessons learned from them may be a valuable tool for women to help each other in the world of business. Read about powerful women’s mistakes here and discover how they may help fuel a career.  

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