3 Ways to Get Informed about Business Environmental Innovations

July 12, 2012

When people discuss the environmental impact of business, it's often with the assumption that the impacts are always going to be negative. This leads to a public fixation on mitigating -- rather than empowering -- business and environmental interactions. Reducing negative impact is crucial (you'll hear no argument from us there). But so are conversations about the business sector's ability to bring ingenuity and technology advancements that are positive for the company and the environment.

Some companies are environmental leaders not only because they reduce waste, but also because they innovate to create better opportunties to be a good steward of the environment. IBM's "Smarter Planet" initiative is a well known example. The roof of an Intel building is another -- though somewhat unexpected -- example, where algae that can create clean biofuel is grown from recycled emissions. UPS's new "plastic trucks," which reduce vehicle weight by 900 pounds and thus achieve 40% better fuel efficiency, is just one of the more recent examples of business environmental innovations.  
BCLC is working to improve understanding of the value of environmental business solutions. Here are some of the ways we're doing this:

  • Working Meetings: Companies including BASF, Chevron, Coca-Cola, IBM, ING, McKinsey, Prudential, Shell, Staples, Target and more are coming together on July 18 to identify best practices and build diverse alliances that will help improve business and environmental conditions. (Learn more: The Role of Business in Environmental Innovation)
  • Environmental Help Desk for Business: A joint project with the Institute for Sustainable Development's Green Plus program, the Help Desk is a tool for small and midsize businesses to understand green supply chain requirements, green business certifications, and innovations that can save money while reducing environmental impact.
  • Environmental projects on the Business for Good MapToday, 90 different examples of business environmental projects are available on the Map. More are coming every day. Use the embedded map here to explore, learn, and share.