Best Partnership Award Finalist Intel Brings Tech to Education with World Vision

October 30, 2012

Great partnerships are a natural fit between the two parties. When partnerships work, they leverage the capacity of each team member to a surprising degree. That’s what I see in the Intel/World Vision partnership. It has the hallmarks of a great relationship: it uses pre-existing capacities in innovative ways to create new value, and it uses the core competencies of each organization to ensure this its impacts are targeted and mutually beneficial.

Here’s the short version of what these two organizations are accomplishing:

Intel Education Service Corps (IESC) works closely with NGOs in developing countries to deploy technology solutions based on Intel® Learning Series purpose-built platforms for K-12 education… Four projects have been completed with World Vision in just the past year, with two projects currently in the planning phase for Rwanda and Tanzania in late 2012.

The aim is to deploy the IESC program in multiple communities in the 80 developing countries World Vision serves – effectively matching Intel’s corporate expertise, compassion, and scale to World Vision’s global footprint and mission to improve education in the poorest communities on earth.

Personally, what puts this partnership over the top is that it goes beyond just achieving great outcomes on a pressing issue. It also brings strategic value to each organization. For Intel, it rewards strong employees – turning volunteering into a perk that is meaningful, fun, and effective. For World Vision, it brings low-cost expertise into the field that they could not otherwise access, while leveraging the visibility of Intel to bring more attention to their efforts.  

Good work Intel and World Vision! Their work is being recognized as one of five finalists for Best Partnership Award - the people’s choice awards of CSR. People’s choice voting is almost over. Meet all the finalists and cast your vote for by Friday.