Best Partnership Finalist: Join My Village - An Investment in Women and Girls

November 2, 2012

If you had a chance to read Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl Wundunns’ Half the Sky, you will recall the remarkable stories of girls and women triumphing over obstacles to become economic engines, community leaders, and entrepreneurs. PBS recently debuted the book in a two-part TV series where Kristoff and his fellow Ambassadors traveled to visit organizations and individuals working to provide the infrastructure, tools, and training programs to women and girls in vulnerable parts of the world. The TV series focused on highlighting the catalytic areas where women and girls are in need of increased infrastructure such as secondary education, small business training, and maternal health. 

All three of issues are strategic investment areas for an innovation platform nominated for this year’s BCLC’s Best Partnership Award: is not only a multi-sector partnership but also a multi-company collaborative that leverages funds and technical expertise amongst CARE, Merck, and General Mills.

Here is how it works; the companies’ contributions are “unlocked” by online visitors to and dedicated social media sites including Facebook. The funds are then distributed to CARE programs that create lasting change for girls and women in Malawi and India. In addition has become a companywide platform for Merck to match employee donations internationally.  Below is an info graphic that depicts the fiscal trail of dollars invested in    

The holistic approach of in-country programming looks to increase women’s access to loans, scholarship opportunities for secondary education and access to maternal health services. What makes this partnership  unique is not only its multi-company partnership design and crowdsourcing tenants but how in-country programming is structured to tackle these incredibly complex challenges with gender specific tools and services to catalyze long term economic benefit and social change.