Best Partnership Lightning Round: Most Rewarding Moments

October 30, 2012

This is the second post in our 2012 Best Partnership Award "Finalist Lightning Round" week-long series. This series brings you the opinions of the people who make the Best Partnerships work. (Read: Day 1)

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Today's Finalist Lightning Round question is:

Q: What has been your personal favorite moment in this partnership?

Hilton: Our favorite moment was when we learned how meaningful our partnership to repurpose soap with the Global Soap Project is to Hilton Worldwide Team Members, some of whom are refugees and have experienced what it means to live without soap. Fatoma Dia, a housekeeper from the Hilton Atlanta shared, “[A bar of soap] is valuable where I come from. It may be hard for people here to understand because it is so easy to wash, everything is here for you, you don't ever think about it. Keep in mind that what you do every day may be the biggest task of the day for someone else.”

Intel: My favorite moment was my first phone call with the World Vision Senegal staff, where I got to speak a bit of French, and say a few words of Wolof that I picked up in the Peace Corps. They all speak English, so it wasn’t really necessary, but I think I certainly surprised them! Working with World Vision’s staff is great, as they are always thinking about ways to improve the lives of children. 

Merck: Our group had an “aha” moment as we were getting to know each other.  We recognized that as people, most of us women, we had so much in common. The teams from General Mills, Merck and CARE were able to transcend corporate branding and marketing to focus on charitable giving, standing on the same level on same playing field – all ecstatic about what we could do together. It was a moment of joy for Ellen Luger, the head of the General Mills Foundation, and me – a moment of realization that we are one team with a common goal – to alleviate poverty for women and girls, and to empower them through education and good health.   

WellPoint: Attending the 2011 Fit Family Challenge and seeing first-hand how our support of Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Triple Play is not only impacting children, but also their families was a great experience.  At the foundation level, we see the numbers and results of our grant programs on paper all of the time, but whenever you get to see those numbers translated into people, families and communities it’s always very humbling and inspiring.

Caterpillar: My favorite part of the partnership has been watching how FRTA uses Caterpillar equipment to provide relief and support to communities in dire need of assistance following a natural disaster. Watching the FRTA crew clear a road with a Caterpillar skid steer and knowing that our equipment is helping disaster responders get to those in need with emergency services is really a great feeling. 


Michele Sullivan, VP, Caterpillar Foundation
Partner: First Response Team of America (Learn more)
Hilton Worldwide: 
Jennifer Silberman, VP of Corporate Responsibility, Hilton Worldwide
Partner: Global Soap Project (Learn more)
Luke Filose, NGO Marketing & Engagement Manager
Partner: World Vision (Learn more)
Ellen Lambert, Executive Director, Corporate Contributions and EVP, Merck Company Foundation, Merck & Co., Inc.
Partner: General Mills and CARE (Learn more)
Lance Chrisman, Executive Director, WellPoint Foundation
Partner: Boys & Girls Clubs of America (Learn more)