Blogs Driving the Debate

May 18, 2012
NCF curates a weekly list of blog posts that touch on emerging issues affecting the American business community.


NPR's Lam Thuy Vo looks at 50 years of government spending in one awesome graph.

McKinsey is also out with a chart showing how in 2025 one in three American cities will have more seniors than children. On a similar note, the Financial Times' Alphaville blog took a stab at estimating the impact of aging on GDP growth across the globe.

Calculated Risk highlights what seems to be a nascent boom in America's housing.

The Wall Street Journal's James Herron on America's natural gas boom: "The gap between U.S. and international gas prices has expanded to all time highs, giving American industries a competitive advantage that could be worth as much as $1 billion a day."

NCF Fellow Mark Perry makes the case for smart phones and tablets being the fastest spreading technology in history.