Diversity Makes Good Business Sense

March 4, 2013

Diversity and inclusion programs are opportunities for companies to enter new markets, improve their products and services, and maintain brand reputation. With the global nature of today’s business environment, companies are utilizing their diversity and inclusions programs to maintain their competitiveness. Simply put, diversity makes good business sense.

The increasingly diverse workforce and globalization of business, encourages companies to focus on hiring diverse employees and establishing work-based inclusion programs. At ING U.S., we recognize the importance of ensuring that our workforce reflects the diversity of our customer base, and we strive to integrate diversity and inclusion into all areas of our business.

Diversity and inclusion is not a one-size-fits all program. Companies must understand what diversity means to their employees, customers, shareholders, and stakeholders in order to make sure their program accurately reflects the mission of the organization. For example at ING U.S. we make sure that diversity is a common thread within our human capital and supply chain system. ING U.S. employs roughly 7,200 people, of those 56% are women and 18% are ethnically diverse. In our managerial ranks, 43% are women and 11% are ethnically diverse. Our five employee resource groups are a core component to providing professional growth and increasing one’s awareness throughout the organization. 

When developing working relationships with suppliers, our strategy is to partner with a variety of constituency organizations providing opportunities to qualified minority and women owned enterprises (MWBEs) and certified Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) owned enterprises.  Partners like the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce help us to identify diverse vendors.

As a financial services company, we realize that understanding our diverse client base is central to our success.  Therefore, we aim to form diverse teams of employees with a wide range of backgrounds and points of view. It is this diverse workforce which will help us attract and retain top talent for the company and enable us to develop innovative product and services as well as maintain our competitive edge.

On Thursday, March 7, ING U.S. and the Business Civic Leadership Center and will host a member’s only closed-door meeting on diversity and inclusion. At the meeting you will hear from different businesses about their diversity and inclusion programs and some best practices around using these programs to maintain a competitive global presence. The meeting will also serve as an opportunity for you to network with industry peers and meet leaders in this space. For more information please contact Hanna Felleke