Intel’s Innovation Hydrates Chandler, AZ

April 26, 2011

The supply and distribution of water has ripple effects on our environment, national security, and economy. Even more, the cost of repairing water infrastructure swells with each passing day.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office estimates that up to $1 trillion must be invested nationwide to modernize and secure drinking water and wastewater systems over the next two decades. With each passing day the cost of repairing the infrastructure increases.

The business community is stepping up to the plate. Intel's Ocotillo campus in Chandler, Arizona, (pictured) recycles and reclaims up to 75% of its water for reuse. The company also funded and spearheaded an advanced reverse osmosis water treatment facility in partnership with the City of Chandler.

Through implementation of this strategy, Intel and Chandler have returned billions of gallons of drinking quality water for reuse since the project's start. This project shows the kind of innovation it will take to achieve water solutions for the long-term.