Online Forum in Follow Up to Global CSR Event on Water

February 19, 2010

Today BCLC hosted its first global CSR issues forum in 2010.  The focus was on water and the different business-nonprofit partnerships that exist to affect the challenges of clean water and sanitation. Speakers represented Dow Chemical Company, the Global Water Challenge, ITT Corporation, Mercy Corp, Diageo, and CHF International.

Also, Ambassador Hattie Babbitt of the Aspen Institute offered thoughtful comments; specifically, that addressing the water issue requires a long-term commitment of time and focus, not just money and resources. “Please stay with it,” she said.

As the event drew to a close, a number of participants still sought the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences. This is your forum to do so — please leave any comments or questions below and BCLC staff will ensure they get directed to the right people, if necessary.

In addition, we will have a full report and a recording of the event in our newsletter next week. Twitter users can search hashtag #waterforum for BCLC’s feed from this event.