Paving the Way for Women's Success in the Army

July 2, 2014

Since joining the military 25 years ago, Major General Marcia Anderson has positively impacted the attitudes of other women in joining the military. Ultimately, she has become the army’s most senior-ranking African American woman, and an inspiration to many.  

Since 2002, women have accounted for 15.7 percent of the United States Army, and Anderson is front and center in the movement to fix this statistic which has not budged in 12 years. Anderson draws a close comparison between women’s struggles to climb to the top of the business world and the military world: “If you look at major corporations, people who rise to senior leadership positions are not from the soft skill areas…The same is true for the military.  Our parallel would be combat leaders.”

Major General Marcia Anderson has spoken out about topics ranging from a lack of formal mentoring in the military to restrictions on the hairstyles of African American women.  Ultimately, she would like to see the Army’s breakdown approach 50/50 man to woman, and she thinks a great societal change is the only way to impress such reform.  Learn more about Major General Marcia Anderson and her efforts to advance more women to leadership positions within the military.