Top 5 Articles from the BCLCBlog in 2012

December 27, 2012

I think we can all agree that for the field of corporate citizenship, 2012 was a momentous year. It was for BCLC as well. Our new website and blogging community grew tremendously, covering issues such as economic empowerment, community resiliency and social innovation. Our staff bloggers and guest contributors wrote more than 300 articles this year. That’s almost an article a day on how business makes a difference in society.

Here are the five most popular articles among our readers in 2012. I encourage you to read and join the conversation.

1. How Environmental Innovator Lube Stop Became the "Netflix" of Motor Oil
In 2012, businesses proved that being “green” can work in any industry.  See how Lube Stop revolutionized a core business function to be more environmentally friendly.

2. So What About the Board?
How can your company successfully align your business strategy and social priorities? Nigel Cameron argues that the key is bringing shared value to your board of directors.

3. Hurricane Sandy: Tips for Business Donors
When Hurricane Sandy made landfall two months ago, businesses across the country were trying to figure out ways to help. These tips, provided by BCLC’s Gerald McSwiggan, can help your business prepare and help your community prepare for when future disaster strikes.

4. Socio-Economics and the Single Company
Many companies realize that their interactions with society can have a profound impact on their competitiveness. Stephen Jordan examines how socio-economics, the relationship between business and society as a whole, can shift how business leaders view CSR.

5. What Corporate Citizens Should Know about Post-Tornado Joplin
The national business sector can play a significant role in helping communities hit by natural disasters recover to be stronger than before. Learn how businesses are using their core competencies to help the town of Joplin, Missouri recover.

Did your favorite BCLC article from 2012 make the list? Let us know if the comments section which article or series you thought was the most impactful.

We have some exciting news in store for 2013 so stay tuned to the BCLCBlog in the new year!