Volunteerism in the Spirit of 9/11 Day of Service

September 10, 2012

It’s been 11 years since the tragic incidents of 9/11, a day that brought sorrow to the country but yet managed to unite many. In the wake of the disaster Americans came together to show support for each other in any way that they could - donating money, goods, and services and volunteering.

Over the years the spirit of volunteerism has flourished. The incidents of 9/11 brought on the desire for people to volunteer even more. Giving your time to a worthy cause is the easiest and most fulfilling means to helping those in need. Numerous reports and articles have been published on the business benefits of engaging employees in volunteer activities, resulting in increased morale, camaraderie, and overall happiness.  The employees themselves begin to realize the great impact they can have by donating time and effort to a project that is worthy to them: rebuilding a house, painting a school, planting a community garden, or event spending a few hours reading with a child.

So far, BCLC's Business for Good Map shows more than 200 volunteer projects around the world that business lead and engage in. Here is a snapshot of some projects:

  • Beyond School Walls – Comcast
    Beyond School Walls is a unique workplace mentoring program in which Comcast employees give back to their communities by assuming the role of a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister.” Children mentored by Beyond School Walls spend less time absent from school, and nearly 100% are likely to be promoted to the next grade.
  • Rice Rangers Program – FedEx
    Through the Rice Rangers program, 440 DC and Maryland youth and adult volunteers will propagate 2,200 emergent wetland plants in the marshes of the Anacostia to restore 3,850 sq ft. of functional wetland habitat to the Anacostia. As a result of this project, there will be an increase in biodiversity and filtering capacity on the Anacostia River as well as increased knowledge and awareness of the Anacostia and Chesapeake Bay watersheds.
  • Sponsoring Greater DC Cares on 9/11 -Deloitte & Touche, LLP
    Deloitte will volunteer and support the 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance with Greater DC Cares. Deloitte has a long history working with Greater DC Cares. On Saturday, September 8, Deloitte will work with DC Cares and local volunteers to clean parks, serve meals to the hungry, restore historical landmarks, and spend time with seniors.

In the wake of a disaster, the need to volunteer is heightened. In addition to traditional volunteer projects, individuals and businesses also engage in skills based projects such as helping a business get back online or providing consulting services to help rebuild and strengthen the business post disaster. Every year during the 9/11 anniversary BCLC works with MyGoodDeed to find out what businesses and individuals are doing in the spirit of volunteerism. Volunteer activities range from donating blood, remembrance through prayer, read at a local school, etc. See the volunteer quilt.

So what will you do for 9/11 Day of Service? Leave a comment and let us know what your plan is. As for me I will be helping to beautify a community center in the DC metro area.