Center for Education and Workforce

  • Common Core is Common Sense for Business

    U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation President John R. McKernan states support for Common Core state education standards at a meeting with business leaders in Dayton.
  • Closing the achievement gap is key to closing the skills gap

    U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation President John McKernan Jr. discusses the impact that record low high school dropout rates have on economic growth.
  • Vice President Biden, Business Leaders Address Youth Unemployment

    Vice President Biden speaks at a forum hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the Urban Alliance.
  • Business Horizon Quarterly, Issue #11

    The latest edition of the Business Horizon Quarterly is centered on education and workforce development. Read more than a dozen articles from thought leaders on how improving America's education system can boost the nation's economic competitiveness.
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The Center for Education and Workforce, through its research, programs, and policy on education and skills training, mobilizes the business community to be more engaged partners, challenge the status quo, and connect education and workforce reforms to economic development.