Best International Ambassador Finalists

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The Citizen Award for this category is dedicated to a specific social, community, and/or environmental initiative that takes place within one or more developing nations around the world. Finalists exemplify leadership and positive impact through a single strategic initiative.

2012 Finalists



Setting up a large, new project in a community where a company expands affects a region economically, environmentally, and socially. Alcoa shows that when business and community work together, it creates a win-win for all involved. Learn more



You wouldn’t think aviation, social responsibility and healthcare, would necessarily go together. But FedEx proves, through their work with ORBIS, that thinking strategically when it comes to collaborations can yield huge results. Learn more



Each year, 3 million people die from a disease that is so easily prevented. GlaxoSmithKline decided that prevention is the best medicine in the spread of diarreal disease and since 1998 has combatted the problem through the Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Education (PHASE) program. Learn more



Qualcomm worked with the Grameen Foundation and developed an untraditional way to simultaneously bring  mobile telecommunications and entrepreneurship to Indonesia. Learn More



 Xylem’s brand promise is to “solve water.” Through their Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative – Water, the company can use their business expertise to create real, positive change for vulnerable communities around the world. Learn more