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Health IT: Improving the Health System with Information Technology

As the demand for an improved health care system is being debated in the halls of government and the media, it is vital that the need for greater investment in improved information technology is included in these discussions. An efficient and dynamic health care system must be able to rely on a modernized and integrated network to provide real-time and accurate information.

On September 29, NCF hosted Health IT: Improving the Health System with Information Technology. The event focused how investing in the health system of tomorrow can improve care, expand coverage, and streamline delivery while protecting the privacy and security of patient information. The best decisions are informed decisions. Empowered with concise information, patients can make better decisions about their health care; physicians can make better decisions for patients; government can make better decisions about the quality of care, bio-surveillance, and Medicare utilization and integrity; medical office managers become more efficient when enrolling patients and facilitating payments; paper waste is reduced; and costs are better managed. Though consolidated information has drawn skepticism, new evidence proves that privacy and security can be assured for electronic health records and health information exchanges. The Foundation brought together leaders from government, business, labor, and the nonprofit sector to look at lessons learned and the future direction health IT.   Speakers included:


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