Skills for America's Future

<p>On October 4, President Obama announced the launch of a new national program, <a href=" target="_blank">Skills for America's Future</a>, which will focus on public-private partnerships between businesses and community colleges.<br />
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&quot;The idea here is simple: We want to make it easier to connect students looking for jobs with businesses looking to hire. We want to help community colleges and employers create programs that match curricula in the classroom with the needs of the boardroom,&quot; said President Obama.<br />
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President Obama is correct in focusing on the skills and knowledge that businesses can share with community colleges. In an increasingly competitive global economy, America's economic strength depends on the education and skills of its workers. Importantly, the business community knows what skills are needed within their companies. By sharing their expertise with postsecondary education providers, we can ensure that individuals are being trained for the jobs of tomorrow and not just the jobs of today.<br />
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This is definitely a step in the right direction.</p>