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Amrita Ram - Fresh Steps - Young Entrepreneurs Academy

Amrita Ram, CEO of Fresh Steps, is a 16 year old student at Newport High School, heading into her senior year this fall.  She was inspired by children’s sneakers that “light-up” as they walk, and knew that simple technology could be applied in a bigger way. Fresh Steps is a piezoelectric tile system that can power a building off of the kinetic energy produced by people walking! Amrita proposes installing Fresh Steps Eco-board product in public buildings as a means of cutting energy costs and decreasing carbon emissions.

Eve & Liam Knight - The Spice Kidz - Young Entrepreneurs

Eve Knight, CEO of The Spice Kidz, is 12 years old and will be entering this 7th grade this fall. At the age of 7, Eve and her family moved to America from Ireland and had to adjust to some changes, most of all, the different kinds of food! Eve loves to make curry and was shocked to discover that her American friends had no idea what curry was. Determined to start a business to introduce everyone to delicious Indian Curry, Eve and her older brother Liam started The Spice Kidz. The Spice Kids offer spice packets of fresh spice mixes with an easy 7 step recipe.

Getting Your Women-Owned Business Noticed by the Media

Many women start businesses because they want to make a difference in the world, and they are willing to work hard to do so. But how do you create buzz around all your hard work? Colleen DeBaise from The Story Exchange gives a journalist’s perspective on how to get noticed as a female entrepreneur by the media.f