Siemens Sustainable Community Awards

Siemens Corporation is the co-creator and underwriter of the annual Sustainable Community  Awards, managed by the Chamber BCLC.

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Editorial Coverage

How Siemens Became a Crucial Player in Urban Sustainability (May 2012)

See all the editorial coverage from the 2012 Siemens Sustainable Community Awards (April 2012)

Chicago, Santa Monica, and Purcellville Win 2012 Sustainable Community Awards (April 2012)

Generating Sustainable Momentum in 2012 (January 2012)

Teens Claim Prize in Siemens STEM Education Competition (December 2011)

Call for Nominations -- 2012 Siemens Sustainable Community Awards (October 2011)

San Jose, Raleigh, and Greensburg Win Sustainability Awards (April 2011)

Reminding America Why It Fell In Love with Business (January 2011)

Clarifying the Sustainability Agenda (October 2010)



BCLC “Citizens” Awards 

Finalist 2008 - Corporate Stewardship Awards, Large Business

Finalist 2004 -  The Citizen in Action Award


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  • Corporate Community Investment
  • Environmental Innovation Network




Siemens Sustainable Community Awards

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