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Winner: Corporate Citizenship Award Best Corporate Steward (November 2013)

The Network Effect: The 2013 BCLC Corporate Responsibility Conference    (November 2013)

UPS Foundation Donates $7.6 Million to Impact Lives   (September 2013)

U.S. Chamber Foundation and The UPS Foundation Launch Effort To Build Businesses’ Resilience in Turkey   (September 2013)

Alleviating Poverty in India Through Microfinance and Financial Literacy    (April 2013)

How UPS Became a Disaster Response and Recovery Leader Through Their Business Expertise   (February 2013)

Looking for the BEST of Business?    (November 2012)

UPSers Provide On-Demand Relief in Wake of Hurricane Isaac   (September 2012)

UPSer Shares Why He Hearts Logistics   (May 2012)

Workplaces Care about Your Health   (April 2012)

Reflections on UPS Disaster Management with Ken Sternad    (March 2012)

What Corporate Citizens Should Know about Post-Tornado Joplin   (January 2012)

The Road Ahead: How the Past Decade of Disaster Relief Efforts Can Prepare Us for What’s Next   (February 2011)

Award-Winning UPS Safe Driving Program   (December 2009)

Oxfam/UPS Preventing Future Cholera Outbreaks     (April 2009)

Addressing Disaster Relief: Not the Easiest Path     (February 2008)

UPS on the Business for Good Map

Corporate Aid

Typhoon Haiyan -- Corporate Aid   (November 2013)

Syrian Refugee Crisis -- Corporate Aid

Oklahoma Tornadoes Corporate Aid   (May 2013)

Business Aid for 2012 Hurricane Sandy   (October 2012)

Hurricane Isaac -- Corporate Aid Tracker  (August 2012)

Corporate Aid Tracker - Hurricane Irene, 2011  (September 2011)

Corporate Aid for the Horn of Africa Famine  (August 2011)

Business Aid for Spring-Summer 2011 Tornadoes and Floods   (July 2011)

Corporate Aid Tracker - Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, March 2011 (March 2011)

Business Aid for 2010 Pakistan Floods (July 2010)

Corporate Aid for the 2010 Haitian Earthquake (January 2010)


BCLC “Citizens” Awards 

Winner 2013 – Best Corporate Steward

Finalist 2013 – Best Economic Empowerment Program

Finalist 2012 – Best Business Neighbor

Winner 2009 – Best Business Neighbor


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