The Role of Business in Emerging Markets

October 4, 2012

If companies were a country, they would rank as the seventh largest provider of overseas development assistance in the world, ahead of Sweden. Businesses are helping less developed countries gain access to new technologies, microfinance and capital investment, develop their workforce, improve customs automation, improve operating standards, and develop new economic clusters and adjacent markets.

The Role of Business in Emerging Markets examines how global CSR strategy goes farther than before, encompassing a broader portfolio and serving as the connective tissue between business growth and healthy communities.. This report is the fourth in BCLC's series "The Role of Business."

The report features more than 15 of the foremost corporate thought leaders on global development including the Hershey Company, Alcatel-Lucent, Abbott, and Microsoft.

In addition to the full report PDF, we'll be featuring each article on our BCLCBlog.

Release Date: October 2012