Disaster Help Desk for Business

The Disaster Help Desk for Business is here for small businesses and local chambers of commerce to provide preparedness/continuity advice and to guide disaster-impacted organizations through the steps of recovery and re-opening.  

Reach the Help Desk:

The mission of the Help Desk is to help businesses mitigate disaster interruption and, after disasters, to enhance community economic recovery. Contact the Help Desk if:

  • You are in an impact area and want help with FEMA, SBA, and other assistance programs (or for international disasters, if you want help coordinating with U.S.-based NGOs and U.S. government aid agencies).
  • You want information about recovery best practices.
  • Your company wants to contribute to disaster response efforts and/or connect with chambers or businesses in an impact area to provide support.


As of 2012, the five-year-old  National Disaster Help Desk for Business has fielded more than 19,000 individual inquiries from across the nation, serving 7,800 small businesses, local chambers of commerce, and business-support organizations with simple and fast information about preparing for and surviving major disasters. The Help Desk coordinates information among businesses, local chambers of commerce, NGOs, government responders, and disaster recovery specialists. 

The Help Desk is made possible by the leadership and generous support of the Office Depot Foundation.