Business Delegation Tour: The Circular Economy in Action

The linear take-make-waste industrial model is no longer viable in the face of rapid population growth, resource constraints, urbanization, water insecurity, and other megatrends. As our global economy continues to grow the challenges of meeting this increasing demand for products and services will be unprecedented. If we continue with the business as usual approach, companies and society will witness a probable surge in price volatility, inflation of key commodities, and an overall decline and in some cases depletion of critical material inputs.

April 15, 2015

Water and Energy systems are intertwined. Producing one involves the consumption of the other. This relationship is often referred to as the Energy-Water Nexus, and ensuring that those resources are being used efficiently is an important aspect to increasing resilience.

April 14, 2015

If successful, we’ll spend the rest of our days harvesting yesteryear’s carpets, recycling old petrochemicals into new materials, and converting sunlight into energy.  There will be zero scrap going into landfills and zero emissions into the biosphere.  Literally, our company will gro

Webinar: Understanding and Addressing Business Exposure to Water-Related Risks

Water is the world’s most precious resource, fueling everything from the food you eat, to the cotton you wear, to the energy you use. Yet despite the critical role water plays for people and nature, it is a surprisingly finite resource. Less than 1% of the world's water is fresh and accessible. It is also threatened. Population growth, extreme weather, and changing consumption patterns are just a few of the myriad of forces putting freshwater systems increasingly at risk.