2013 Winners

Congratulations to the 2013 Citizens Awards Winners!

For 14 years, the Citizens Awards have recognized some of the most accomplished social and community initiatives within the business community. This year's winners help solve our world's greatest challenges through ingenuity, compassion, and collaboration. 

Best Corporate Steward


For generations, UPS has invested in building a world-class international transportation and logistics network to enable commerce around the world. That’s one of our core business strategies. It’s also an increasingly important sustainability strategy. Learn more.

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Best Commitment to Education Program Award


3M's 40 year partnership with the Saint Paul Public Schools system exposes an entire community to STEM and brings opportunity to children in need. Learn more.

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Best Community Improvement Program Award


Transamerica’s work promises better nutrition and a brighter future for the city’s low-income children. Their urban farm provides a pathway to greater health and habits. Learn more

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Best Disaster Response and Community Resilience Program Award


When a major disaster occurs, IBM applies its consulting expertise and technology to solve problems and help those affected to recover. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to disaster response, yet the urgent and critical need for real solutions, deployed quickly, is always there. Learn more

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Best Economic Empowerment Program Award


The Citi Foundation has helped to expand global access to financial products and services through its Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards, which enables entrepreneurs to gain financing and training for businesses that make a difference in local communities. Learn more


Walmart’s “Empowering Women Together” program provides market access to women entrepreneurs around the world. The result is greater economic opportunity for women, their families, and communities. Learn more

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Best Environmental Stewardship Program Award


Hilton Worldwide has rallied its global brands to make an impact on environmental preservation around the world by creating benchmark programs and processes in hospitality industry waste management. Learn more.

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Best Health and Wellness Program Award


Merck has virtually eliminated river blindness and is on the move against other diseases in regions of Africa and South America where limited resources have prevented such successes in the past. Learn more.

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Best Partnership Award


Combining philanthropic dollars with volunteer hours and expert training, Citi and the National Community Tax Coalition make financial aid accessible to low-income families. Learning and greater opportunity are just around the corner. Learn more.

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2013 Awards Celebration Photos

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