2014 Best Environmental Stewardship Finalists

The Corporate Citizenship Award for Best Environmental Stewardship Program recognizes accomplishments in addressing environmental issues. The 2014 finalists show the significant, positive impact businesses have around the world. See all the finalists.

2014 Finalists

Apollo Education Group

Apollo Education Group (AEG) understands the environmental issues facing society today are interconnected and require a new approach to shift the status quo. The Group serves as National Education Partner and provides a variety of financial, business, and education support to Cleantech Open (CTO), the world’s largest clean tech accelerator. AEG supports CTO’s mission to train, mentor and assist entrepreneurs in developing technologies to solve the world’s environmental challenges. With the help of AEG, CTO has been able to expand its scope and capacity. Over the past eight years, more than 700 clean tech startups have participated in CTO’s Accelerator Program ad have raised close to $1 billion dollars in external capital.

Siemens Foundation

In 2008, the Siemens Foundation recognized the need to develop American children into environmental stewards who are prepared to participate in the sustainability movement. As a result, the Foundation created the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge (WCCTWC), the premier national sustainability challenge that empowers K-12 students to develop environmental solutions that can help change the world.  The Siemens WCCTWC amplifies the Foundation’s commitment to building the future pipeline of STEM graduates through a national student engagement challenge where America’s youth are empowered to find answers. Nearly 100,000 students have participated in the Challenge with application numbers continuing to rise each year.

UPS Foundation

Forests are under threat from climate change, human encroachment, and the extraction of natural resources. By conserving and expanding our global forests, we can better maintain a balance in the atmosphere, preserve biodiversity, and protect a host of other vital ecological processes. Through the company’s Global Forestry Initiative, UPS works with partners like The Nature Conservancy and National Arbor Day Foundation, to create, plan, and implement events in which volunteers and other community members help plant trees in areas where they will have the largest impact on carbon reduction. The company also strategically aligns the forestry projects with their humanitarian activities. In 2013, the parcel service exceeded its goal of planting one million trees by 30%, planting 1.3 million trees.