Data Standards for Jobs and Employment

Employment and Earnings Records Data Dictionary and Definitions:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the T3 Innovation Network partnered with the HR Open Standards Consortium (HR Open) to develop public-private open data standards for employment and earnings records. Employers use these records in business planning and managing their human resources and report them to federal and state governments, including state Unemployment Insurance (UI) systems. The HR Open standards establish common definitions, clarify data relationships, and provide guidance for employers and their human resources (HR) technology service providers on maintaining and reporting the records, and for government agencies on establishing reporting requirements and data collection systems. 

Data Dictionary & Definitions



JDX JobSchema+

For the JDX to be successful, we must have a data standard that represents and reflects the way we approach hiring today. Our proposal is the JDX JobSchema+, a standardized way of organizing structured data on the web for jobs. We pilot tested the JDX JobSchema+ with employers and talent sourcing providers in the fall of 2019. The JDX JobSchema+ extends and improves upon a widely-deployed schema in the employment context, the JobPosting Schema. On an ongoing basis, the progress of the JDX JobSchema+ implemenation will be shared with the W3C Talent Marketplace Signaling (Talent Signal) Community Group for its consideration and feedback.