The Talent Finance Innovation Network (TFIN) is a community group dedicated to putting the Talent Finance guiding principles and framework into practice. 

Who Is It For?

TFIN is tailored for individuals/organizations who have participated in a Talent Finance Design Workshop Series, solution providers, and others who have a particular interest and understanding of the Talent Finance initiative. 

What Are the Benefits?

Being part of the TFIN provides members the opportunity to:

  • Network with peers, solution providers, and Talent Finance core team members/experts
  • Technical assistance and one-on-one access to Talent Finance core team members 
  • Access to planning grants (when available) and assistance with fundraising
  • Opportunity to be featured in case studies
  • Opportunity to participate in, or offer input in building, Talent Finance work groups  

Meetings And Events

  • Approximately five meetings per year
  • Networking events and forums held throughout the year 

Requirements and Expectations

  • Must have participated in a Talent Finance Design Workshop or otherwise apply and be approved to be part of the TFIN
  • Must fill out a submission form, opting-in to TFIN
  • Must allow name, brand, and project to be used in Talent Finance presentations, website, and communications
  • Be open to participating in events (e.g., panels, podcasts, and other public-facing forums)
  • Be willing to participate in an evaluation 
  • Must keep project description and POC up-to-date 
  • A good faith effort to attend TFIN meetings and related forums