SAP - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

SAP is opening access to its technology in the effort to help address global challenges caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. The following SAP technology platforms Ariba, TripIt, Litmos and Qulatrics are engaged in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak in the following ways:

SAP Ariba Discovery is offering free access to its business network to help supply chains remain unbroken. Buyers can post their immediate sourcing needs and suppliers can respond to show they can deliver. The company hopes this will help minimize shipment delays and respond to consumer demand.

Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse is a free and automated feedback solution to help you understand if your organization is prepared for a remote workforce, and if your employees have what they need to succeed in this new environment.

In response to increasing travel schedule changes and cancellations, SAP wants to help those who must travel. Between March 13 and March 31, any person can download the TripIt app and receive TripIt Pro for six months. This service offers automatic alerts, itinerary updates, and flight monitoring. Existing users will receive a complimentary premium service upgrade for the same period.

The SAP Litmos Training Content library is offering free access to ready-to-watch video-based courses until the end of June 2020 to help teams, leaders, and employees work effectively, no matter where they are. SAP hopes to provide valuable training to teams looking for ways to cope with unexpected changes to their working environment.