2008 Citizen Awards

Best Partnership Award

The "Best Partnership" category is dedicated to raising awareness about excellent models of businesses and nonprofit organizations partnering together effectively. A people’s choice award, the publiv voting process determines the winning partnership.

Abbott Laboratories and Direct Relief International

To improve overall health of women and children in Cambodia, Abbott and the Abbott Fund have partnered with Direct Relief International to support nutrition awareness, education and training programs for physicians, nurses and families at Angkor Hospital for Children, a leading pediatric teaching hospital in Siem Reap that offers free comprehensive care and trains thousands of Cambodian health workers every year. 

Since the partnership with the hospital began in September 2006, Abbott and the Abbott Fund have provided two grants totaling $139,500, along with almost $1 million worth of nutritional and pharmaceutical products. The partnership between Abbott and Direct Relief has made a significant impact over the past two years by supporting the hospital’s ongoing efforts to train healthcare workers on counseling families and building awareness of the nutritional needs of children.

American International Group, Inc. and CHF International

CHF International, a U.S.-based nonprofit, and the American International Group (AIG), Inc., worked together during the aftermath of the August 15, 2007, earthquake near Pisco, Peru, to bring shelter to a number of minority communities. With AIG's assistance, CHF was able to focus its response on building basic infrastructure (such as shelters, classrooms, and toilet facilities) and restoring livelihoods (through micro-grants and employment) in order to give people the resources they needed to get back on their feet. 

Among the short-term accomplishments of the CHF-AIG partnership was the construction of 700 homes with capacity for 3,500 individuals, 175 latrines to provide sanitary conditions for the affected families, 17 temporary classrooms, four communal dining areas and a community center.  Together, these activities generated more than 5,000 hours of paid labor in the communities. In addition to the construction, the joint AIG-CHF program distributed a total of 324 small grants, between $50 and $100 each, that helped families and entrepreneurs get back on their feet economically following the disaster. 

CHF and AIG collaborated on the creation of a local NGO comprising local architecture students who were fully trained in the earthquake-resistant construction technique. This local nonprofit continues today to provide assistance to other earthquake-affected communities and to disseminate information in Peru about the benefits of earthquake-resistant shelter.

CVS Caremark and the Simon Youth Foundation

Since 1998, Simon Youth Foundation has developed highly successful alternative schools called Education Resource Centers (ERCs) for students who are at risk of not completing high school. With ERC students thriving in the program, SYF has begun to focus on programs that assist with the transition to school or work. CVS started the Pathways to Pharmacy program as a proactive way to reach out to youth and recruit and retain high-quality employees. As SYF strives to offer students real-life job and life-skills training, and CVS seeks to expand the scope of the Pathways program, the partnership greatly benefits the students involved.

In 2007, its inaugural year, the partnership was piloted in Indianapolis. In total, six ERC students participated in the program. Each student worked an eight-week, paid internship as a pharmacy technician at a CVS pharmacy. CVS offers students who thrive to continue to work at one of their pharmacies and, if the student chooses to pursue a degree in pharmacy, CVS assists with the costs of pharmacy school. In addition, SYF offers post-secondary scholarships to graduates of ERCs.  The partnership between CVS and SYF will continue to be expanded each year, eventually involving all of SYF's ERCs who have a CVS pharmacy in their community.

Eli Lilly and Company and the International Council of Nurses 

The Lilly MDR-TB Partnership to fight the increasing global threat of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is comprised of 18 public and private partners. For five years, the alliance has supported a comprehensive, multi-pronged strategy to fight this disease. A key component of the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership is its work with the International Council of Nurses (ICN) to equip nurses around the world with the knowledge and tools for detection, treatment and management of TB and MDR-TB.    

Working in countries hard hit by MDR-TB, but especially in China, India, Russia, and South Africa where the burden of the disease is most pronounced, the Partnership transfers Lilly drug-manufacturing technology to local pharmaceutical companies, implements MDR-TB healthcare training programs, involves communities and business in MDR-TB prevention and treatment, strengthens surveillance of drug resistance, and promotes patient advocacy.  Eli Lilly and Company has thus far committed a total of $135 million to the global fight against MDR-TB. 

mtvU and the Jed Foundation

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among college students, and the primary cause of suicide is depression. And while nearly half of students say they would encourage a friend to seek help, less than a quarter would get help if they were struggling. In an effort to reverse these trends, MTV Networks' college channel, mtvU, teamed up with The Jed Foundation, the leading organization working to prevent suicide and promote mental health among college students, to launch a multiplatform campaign called Half of Us.  The campaign represents the reality that nearly half of college students have felt so depressed they could not function. 

The Jed Foundation and mtvU partnership commenced in 2006, bringing together mtvU's reach within the college community and Jed's mental health expertise. Both organizations understood the urgency and importance of this issue and wanted to be among the first to address it via media on a national scale.

International Community Service Award

“The Citizen” award for this category goes to companies, accredited local or state chambers, trade associations, or American Chambers of Commerce with exemplary models of social and civic leadership in developing nations around the world.

American Chamber of Commerce of Nicaragua

Since 1999, the private sector represented at AMCHAM Nicaragua has been committed to the social and economic development of the country and has worked to strengthen the quality of education through its schools-sponsorship program. There are now 79 companies actively involved in the program.

The main focus of the program is to improve the quality of education with the help of the private sector in order to give Nicaraguans the tools to develop a highly trained workforce and simultaneously commit resources for the students` personal development in ethics and business development.  The program promotes and strengthens specific components such as English lessons and school gardens, matching private-sector resources with donor funds and technical knowledge. 

Coca-Cola China Ltd.

In support of the government's nationwide efforts to improve the living standard of people in rural communities, Coca-Cola China cooperated with Hunan provincial, city and township level governments to introduce the New Village Project to improve the standard of living in Hanfeng village, a typical poverty-stricken village with poor living conditions. Coca-Cola China's New Village Project was launched in April 2007 in Hanfeng village, Miluo city, Hunan Province.  

The project has included 101 water wells drilled to provide access to clean drinking water, 50 marsh-gas chambers constructed to provide gas for cooking and heating, new roads paved for better mobility and a medical clinic built to provide free basic care to the 9,240 villagers. There is a multifunctional culture and recreation center, within which is a library, reading room, cinema, games room, basketball field and a modern playground for children. The project has directly improved the standard of living for more than 9,000 residents living in Hanfeng village. The project has encouraged 100 other enterprises to launch similar projects in Hunan, with a total investment of $29 million, benefiting more than 2 million people.


According to the World Health Organization, road crashes are the number-one killer of young people aged 10-24 in the world. More than 8 in 10 of these occur in low and middle-income countries where infrastructure development and auto sales often outpace efforts to keep pedestrians – especially children – safe. As an international transportation and logistics corporation, FedEx has more than 75,000 vehicles on the road each day worldwide. With this expansive network of drivers comes the responsibility to play a major role in keeping our global roads safe for everyone on them.

“Walk This Way” (WTW) programs, FedEx and Safe Kids Worldwide are making communities around the world safer places for children to play, explore and navigate streets through youth-focused pedestrian safety programs. WTW programs are customized based on each community's culture and specific needs. The programs deliver benefits on three levels: child-safety research and environmental assessments identify risks in communities; in-school curricula, events and educational tools teach safe behaviors; and infrastructure improvements address the root cause of many child injuries and deaths – unsafe roadways.

Hundreds of FedEx volunteers participate in WTW programming each year. Through their support and FedEx's funding, the program reached nearly 1,000 schools and 600,000 students in Brazil, the Philippines, China, South Korea, Canada and India in 2007 alone.

Pfizer Inc.,

Pfizer Global Health Fellows is Pfizer's high-impact, international corporate volunteerism program. Pfizer sends its highly skilled employees around the world on three- to six-month assignments to improve health care in underserved communities.

Global Health Fellows partner with experienced nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to deliver better health care to people in need. By working with its worldwide network of international and local partners, Pfizer responds to in-country health challenges by matching its most qualified employees with NGOs that work to improve access to care. Employees work directly with partners to help them overcome operational, managerial and practical challenges. Fellows leverage their professional skills and share knowledge and expertise to leave the NGO stronger and more equipped to sustain long-term impact, even after the fellows have completed their assignments.  To date, Pfizer has deployed 171 fellows to 34 countries. 

Procter & Gamble Pakistan

P&G Pakistan partners with HOPE (Health Oriented Preventive Education), and has built a network of 60 informal schools across rural Karachi and Thatta that have been established in the homes of local trained teachers. Books and stationery are given free of cost to students. For training teachers, P&G prepares a detailed program with the Teachers Resource Center, as well as The Citizens Foundation. P&G Pakistan also regularly sponsors fun and educational tours for the children of P&G HOPE schools.

Partnering with a local NGO in Azad Kashmir, named READ Foundation, P&G Pakistan builds fully seismic-compliant schools in areas of north Pakistan that were affected by the earthquake, under the project "Safe Schooling For Building Futures." P&G has built two schools with READ -- a 53-classroom school for boys, girls and young kids aged 4-16 in main Muzaffarabad city, capital of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK), which is one of the largest schools in Muzaffarabad, with over 1,100 students. A second school was recently established in a remote village near Muzaffarabad to reach a further student population of 150 students. Children are educated at a minimal fee and orphans receive full tuition waivers.

U.S. Community Service Award

“The Citizen” award for this category goes to companies, accredited local or state chambers, or trade associations with U.S.-focused community service projects. Finalists exemplify the ability of the business sector to demonstrate social or civic leadership through a single strategic initiative.

Air Conditioning Contractors of America

Through the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s (ACCA) “Heat the Country” program, ACCA and its member companies volunteer their technicians, trucks, and resources to provide heating assistance to elderly, disabled or low-income homeowners within ACCA-chapter areas who could not otherwise afford to have their heating systems cleaned and checked. Additionally, nonprofit social services agencies in the local community who serve elderly, disabled or low-income homeowners also benefit from the Heat the Country program. . 

In four years, Heat the Country has mobilized more than 1,600 volunteers who have donated 7,000 work-hours to provide service to more than 2,300 buildings. The monetary contributions approach $500,000. Nearly 3,000 families now have working heating systems they would likely have gone without.


Car crashes are the number-one killer of U.S. teens. Each year, nearly 6,000 teens are killed and another 300,000 are injured in largely preventable collisions. Allstate Insurance Co., with the Allstate Foundation, is mobilizing national, state and local resources in the comprehensive “Teen Safe Driving Program” to make the roads safer in all communities.

Through research, advocacy advertising, teen empowerment, parent education and partnerships with schools, community organizations, government agencies and health care providers, Allstate and the Allstate Foundation have invested more than $18 million since 2007 to save young lives, preserve families and build safer communities.

Deloitte & Touche USA, LLP

In this uncertain economy, nonprofits are struggling to deliver on their social missions while dealing with business, operational and financial challenges with which they have little experience and for which they have few resources to secure professional help. This is why Deloitte & Touche USA developed IMPACT Day, a national day of volunteering, when all 40,000+ employees are encouraged to set aside their work and volunteer. Skills-based volunteering leverages the talent of Deloitte employees to help nonprofits more effectively manage business challenges.

IMPACT Day is a day-long series of seminars and workshops designed to provide nonprofit leaders with the opportunity to network and share best practices with one another. Developed and delivered by local teams of Deloitte professionals who have both business acumen and familiarity with the local business climate, the sessions offer insights that will provide the greatest benefit to local nonprofit organizations. Now in its ninth year, IMPACT Day has evolved into a deeply valued celebration of year-round commitment to the community.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines’ Adopt-A-Pilot program is a unique educational program which pairs fifth-grade classes across the country with Southwest pilots as mentors and reinforces how education is critical in reaching future career goals. For four weeks each spring, Southwest pilots visit students weekly and students track their "adopted" pilot while he/she is "on the road." Students also complete an Adopt-A-Pilot curriculum developed in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institute's National Air and Space Museum and other educational specialists. The curriculum includes science, math, geography, language skills, life values and other activities that have made learning fun and have helped thousands of students outline their own career paths. 

From 1997-2008, pilot volunteers have increased more than 1,300 percent and students have increased more than 2,200 percent. In 2007-08, 93 percent of teachers rated the program as "above average" to "excellent." Ninety-eight percent of teachers said it was appropriate for the age and level of students. Most important, feedback from teachers, parents and pilots concludes that Adopt-A-Pilot is making a significant difference in thousands of young lives.

Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy believes its ultimate future success is directly linked to the quality of education in Colorado and is committed to supporting and encouraging the people most responsible for making the changes to improve education -- the teachers.  Classroom Connection is a teacher network/professional development program that awards “disseminator” grants to teachers who have designed and implemented successful, innovative classroom programs. Grant winners prepare a curriculum packet to share with teachers interested in adapting their program. Teachers wishing to "take an idea and go creative" can apply for “adapter” grants to replicate successful disseminator grant ideas in their classrooms.

Classroom Connection offers an important solution for improving the educational system.  By supporting teachers and giving them the networking tools to share successful ideas, students become the recipients of proven, successful programs.  Classroom Connection has been a community relations program at Xcel Energy for 15 years. More than 6,000 teachers have participated.

Best Corporate Steward Award (Small/Mid-Sized Business)

A corporate steward is a company that understands the linkages between its operations and society, and conducts its business in a way that creates “shared value:” both financially and responsibly over the long term. A corporate steward follows the letter and spirit of the law, but goes well beyond this to contribute actively to enhancing the communities in which it operates to support the long-term productivity of business.


Computer Systems Center Incorporated (CSCI) was founded with the vision of contributing to and making a difference in the efficient application of advanced technologies in the activities of U.S. government offices, agencies, and departments to carry out their missions. CSCI provides innovative technical counsel to clients including the Office of Naval Research, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy and the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff..

CSCI is committed to serving the community and employees who support charitable giving. CSCI's community relations programs positively impact the community, support organizations in which their employees are involved, and funds projects that support U.S. troops who are stationed overseas. Employees started the Santa Sac program, now a holiday tradition at CSCI. Every holiday season, employees donate the cash needed to purchase gifts and necessities to needy families in Northern Virginia. With matching donations from the CEO, CSCI has raised close to $34,000 for needy families in just the last three years. Employees work with local school officials to select families to be sponsored.

Harris Corporation

Harris Corporation is an international communications and information technology company, serving government and commercial markets in more than 150 countries. Harris is focused on developing best-in-class assured communications products, systems and services for global markets. The company generates revenue, income, and cash flows by developing, manufacturing, and selling communications products and software as well as providing related services.

As a global citizen, Harris strives to address current and emerging environmental requirements both in the U.S. and around the world – even in nations where there are no specific requirements to do so. Harris has strengthened their company-wide emphasis on assessing the environmental impact of manufactured products and reducing or eliminating any hazardous materials these products or their parts might contain. The Harris Foundation was established to assist Harris in its commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. Support is provided either through employee gift matching or direct contributions. The Foundation supports educational, health and welfare, and civic and cultural initiatives, primarily in communities where Harris has significant numbers of employees. The Foundation also matches contributions made by regular, full-time employees to qualified secondary schools, colleges and universities, and to 501(c)3 community organizations that have been approved by the Board of the Foundation.


INTEGRITYOne Partners (IOP) is a consulting services firm based in Reston, VA. IOP offers a broad range of industry-focused business consulting and technology solutions and innovation research and development services. IOP works in collaboration with private and pubic sector clients to help them achieve their business goals. Their primary client is the U.S. federal government. IOP has more than doubled in size from 21 full-time employees five years ago to its current roster of 44, and culminating in a five-year compounded annual growth rate of 42.4%.

IOP’s founders have championed community service as an important part of each employee's professional and personal development. IOP leadership understands that community service benefits everyone; and while supporting charities and organizations that are close to the company's heart, service and philanthropy also serve as a platform for staff development. 

IOP’s social goals are to continue to support and build strong relationships with charities and groups they currently work with and add new programs and charity groups that are important to IOP personnel and clients. IOP's focus is to diversify participation and donation to multiple groups and individuals that need a helping hand.


NutraCea is a leader in stabilized rice bran nutrient research and dietary supplement development.  Rice bran, including the germ, is the outer layer of the brown rice kernel after the husk has been removed. Until recently, the bran and the germ were an underutilized byproduct of the commercial, rice-milling industry. In the early 1990s, a determined group of innovators developed the technology to process rice bran while maintaining the highest nutritional value. The company's proprietary technology enables the creation of food and nutrition products from rice bran. 

NutraCea has built on this success in the area of corporate citizenship. Through a partnership with Feed the Children, NutraCea helps provide nutrient-dense, nutritional fortification to malnourished women and children in Malawi and Indonesia and has fed 10,000 children daily for over one year in the most poverty-stricken areas of Malawi. The program has been expanded to thousands more orphans in Indonesia.  In both countries, the children were dramatically impacted by improved quality of life, dramatically improved health and the ability to attend school.

Since the price of grains has increased dramatically and world food supplies for the undernourished are becoming more scarce, NutraCea believe that the 60 million metric tons of rice bran, currently underutilized but now processed with their stabilization technology, will have a profound and lasting impact on developing countries, both socially and economically.

Quality Float Works

Quality Float Works manufactures hollow float metal balls and float assemblies used to level liquid controls in a wide variety of industries including gas, plumbing, oil and agriculture. Quality Float Works encourages its supply chain and all employees to participate in constant quality improvements by upgrading supplied products and in-house process improvements. The company has implemented a 100% inspection rate at every level of production.

Quality Float Works has been actively implementing green practices on its shop floor.  As a manufacturing company, Quality Float Works uses a tremendous amount of oil and scrap metal in production.  The company has implemented ways to recycle these resources, preserve the environment and encourage employee participation. Adopting and implementing green practices allows the opportunity to maximize profit, lower costs and help the environment. Moreover, green practices may lead to new technological innovations and even job growth. Additionally, Quality Float Works has gone the extra mile in responding to the impact the housing crisis has had on its extended family of workers. Recently, the company was highlighted in a Wall Street Journal article for loaning two workers at risk of losing their homes an interest-free loan. This capacity to meet employees' needs helps to eliminate stress and, in turn, develops employees who enjoy their workplace, maintain a strong work ethic, produce a quality work product and enhance team building.

Corporate Stewardship Award for Large Business 

Bank of America

Bank of America, headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., is one of the world's largest financial institutions, serving individual consumers, small- and middle-market businesses and large corporations with a full range of banking, investing, asset management and other financial and risk-management products and services.

Bank of America, guided by its brand promise of being the "Bank of Opportunity," understands the important economic and social role it plays in the communities it serves domestically and globally and believes that a healthy community is important to all stakeholders, and Bank of America's bottom line.

As part of the company's core value of "doing the right thing," Bank of America is committed to creating positive change in the places it operates through philanthropic efforts, employee volunteerism and environmental initiatives. Bank of America is committed to supporting high-impact initiatives and organizations, developing visionary leaders now and for the future, and providing general operating support and funding flexibility to build strong, diverse communities for the future.

This year alone, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation has a goal to contribute $200 million to address critical issues facing our neighborhoods and communities.


KPMG LLP, the audit, tax, and advisory firm, is the U.S. member firm of KPMG International, one of the world’s “Big Four” accounting firms. KPMG International’s member firms have 113,000 professionals, including 6,800 partners, in 148 countries. KPMG operates in 93 offices across the U.S. with more than 23,000 professionals, including 1,800 partners. 

KPMG operates in a complex and competitive environment. To attract, retain, and develop the very best talent is critical. One way KPMG attracts and nurtures the right people is by taking a long-term view – through their community service focus on youth and education, KPMG reaches out to youth before they begin their careers. KPMG’s community service program is one of their key pipelines for engaging future partners and employees, as well as potential future clients and community leaders. Taking a comprehensive approach, their initiatives deliver educational benefits to youth from K-12 to post-graduate levels. The initiatives help KPMG do well -- attracting talented young professionals -- by doing good -- building stronger communities in the process.                     

Pilot Travel Centers LLC

Pilot Travel Centers LLC is the largest operator of travel centers in the United States, with more than 300 travel centers in 40 states. Additionally, the company licenses 10 locations in Kansas, Montana and Nebraska and in 2006 opened a travel center in Tilbury, Ontario, Canada. Pilot employs almost 14,000 people, and its revenues reached $13 billion in 2007. Professional drivers and the motoring public rely on Pilot to meet their travel needs.

Pilot's first company value is, "Do the right thing all the time." That philosophy guides all that the company does, from providing growth opportunities for employees and accessible health care for professional driver customers to making decisions on corporate citizenship and business challenges. Pilot has a long history of corporate citizenship and feels strongly that it is important to serve the community philanthropically in time and resources. Pilot's philanthropic reach touches all types of causes and reaches locales in the U.S. and abroad.

Siemens USA

Siemens USA provides a broad range of products, systems, and services to the nation’s most technologically advanced enterprises. Siemens USA employs more than 70,000 people in nearly 800 locations throughout all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Every day the average American is touched by Siemens’ technologies. For instance, Siemens’ power solutions help meet one-third of America’s total daily energy needs. Siemens is one of America’s leading providers of turbines for wind power – a renewable source of energy – and a leading provider of solutions to help reduce industrial CO2 emissions. In addition to the impact of its business activities, Siemens is also actively involved in the communities where its employees live and work, through its grassroots community volunteerism initiatives (Caring Hands) and its educational programs and scholarships (Siemens Foundation).  Long-term business success can best be achieved in stable societies that are capable of meeting the challenges that face them. Based on this perspective, Siemens strives to improve the societies in which it does business, as a responsible citizen and neighbor.

Verizon Communications

Verizon Communications delivers broadband and other wireline and wireless services to millions of people and businesses in communities across the United States and throughout the world. Every day more than 100 million people connect using a Verizon communications network—whether at home, at work, or on the move.

A Dow 30 company, Verizon employs a diverse workforce of approximately 232,000 and last year generated consolidated operating revenues of $93.5 billion. Verizon has spent the last decade transforming the company to grow and compete in the digital era. Verizon’s goal is to be the best company in the communications sector.

Doing well, or creating shareowner value, is part of every big decision at Verizon. With more than 100 million people connecting via a Verizon network every day it is vital that Verizon provide excellent service and great communications experiences and put customers first. Verizon believes that by focusing on customers and acting responsibly, they will do well; that is, produce a solid return for our shareowners, create meaningful work and provide something of lasting value for society.