2010 Winners

Meet the 2010 finalists and winners in the Citizens Awards!

Best Partnership Award

The "Best Partnership" category is dedicated to raising awareness about excellent models of businesses and nonprofit organizations partnering together effectively. A people’s choice award, the publiv voting process determines the winning partnership. 

Amway and Kids Food Basket

Amway and Kids Food Basket have worked together in Grand Rapids, Michigan, over the last decade to combat a 19.4% hunger rate – a rate higher than both Chicago and Detroit. Beyond volunteer hours and financial donations, Amway also placed a team of Six Sigma experts at Kids Food Basket to teach the organization how to streamline its business processes. The result: Meals at Kids Food Basket are made 10 times faster. Now, 26 different schools in Grand Rapids depend on this partnership to provide food for its kids.

Caterpillar Inc. and CHF International

Caterpillar and CHF International have partnered on humanitarian relief work for a long time. It was no different after the earthquake in Haiti this year. In the immediate relief stage, Caterpillar sent four of its top trainers to Haiti to assess equipment needs and provide refresher training to machinery operators. Still today, Caterpillar is supporting CHF’s earthquake recovery efforts and even offered the land on one of its local dealerships to become a displaced persons camp for 2,000 people.

Deloitte and College Summit

Deloitte is passionate about making college attendance the norm in America, viewing it not only as a social imperative but as an essential plan for a competitive company and country. For years Deloitte has teamed up with College Summit to increase college enrollment rates in low-income communities. The company provides pro bono work, cash, skilled volunteers, board leadership, and more. College Summit has seen a 20% increase in college enrollment among its participants. Read more.

Microsoft and NetHope

Large companies typically invest about 7% in technology, while NGOs spend less than 2.5% on IT annually. Microsoft partners with NetHope, a consortium of 31 international NGOs, to help close the humanitarian IT gap. Microsoft funded the establishment of the NetHope Emergency Response Working Group, donated $40 million in software to NetHope members, and made “welcome grants” to new NetHope members.  These capacity-building activities paid off in January when the earthquake hit Haiti. Within four hours, the NetHope Emergency Response Working Group was activated; within six days engineers were on the ground; within nine days Internet connectivity had been restored to the NGO sector in Haiti.

Qualcomm and Grameen Foundation

Working together the last three years, Qualcomm's Wireless Reach initiative and the Grameen Foundation have developed business solutions designed to increase income and bring IT products and services to Indonesia’s poorest populations. Seventy-five percent of Indonesians live below the international poverty line of $2.50 a day. But today, through the collaboration between Qualcomm and the Grameen Foundation, more than 3,500 micro- businesses have been created and 100% of these participating entrepreneurs are profitable – serving well over 200,000 customers.

Best International Ambassador Award

(Formerly: International Community Service Award)

“The Citizen” award for this category goes to companies, accredited local or state chambers, trade associations, or American Chambers of Commerce with exemplary models of social and civic leadership in developing nations around the world.

AMR Corp.

AMR Corp., the parent company of American Airlines and American Eagle, has been flying to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, since 1981, employing approximately 100 people in the country. Four days after the earthquake, American partnered with Odebrecht to repair the airport's departures and arrivals terminal and to refurbish American's cargo facility to use for passenger check-in. American made the first commercial passenger flight into Haiti on Feb. 19, bringing with it families of earthquake victims and medical teams. In all, American and American Eagle flew 30 relief missions, transporting 400,000 pounds of aid and evacuating 700 people.  

Cargill, Incorporated

For more than a decade, Cargill has been helping improve livelihoods for cocoa farmers and their families through better agricultural practices in Côte d'Ivoire, Indonesia, and Vietnam, while partnering with CARE to improve livelihoods in Ghana and Brazil. The programs focus on environmental sustainability and top social issues. In 2010, Cargill doubled to 300 the number of Farmer Field Schools they operate in Côte d'Ivoire, meaning 10,000 farmers will be trained this year. After training, farmers in the past have seen higher yields and improved crop quality with incomes ultimately rising an average of 30%. Read more.

Dillon Gage

Twenty-six years ago, the Dillon Gage president and CEO co-founded HELPS International with a focus to implement an integrated approach to poverty reduction in Mexico and Central America. HELPS works in partnership with individuals, businesses, and local and national governments to improve healthcare, education, community development, and economic development in Latin America. With over 5,000 volunteers, HELPS sends U.S. personnel and partners with private businesses to implement its programs. Many of Dillon Gage's employees are part of HELPS Programs.

The Dow Chemical Company

For 27 years, Dow and its employees have built a comprehensive program to provide affordable, sustainable housing to families in 17 countries outside the United States with Habitat for Humanity International. During that time, Dow and its employees have donated money, product and, perhaps most important, volunteer time toward more than 25,000 home builds globally. Dow's goal is to help provide sustainable, affordable housing to meet a critical world challenge. In 2010, more than 225 families in Dow communities will realize their dreams of owning affordable, energy-efficient homes.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is being honored for 10,000 Women, a five-year, $100 million progam that aims to provide 10,000 underserved women with a business and management education. Designed to foster shared economic growth in markets around the world, 10,000 Women invests in the exponential power of women as entrepreneurs and managers.The program has helped fund business and management education certificates in more than 15 countries, and also supports robust capacity-building in developing-country educational institutions, thereby improving the quality of education for generations to come. Employees contribute time and expertise through mentoring, classroom instruction, and consulting projects.  

Best Business Neighbor Award

(formerly: U.S. Community Service Award)

“The Citizen” award for this category goes to companies, accredited local or state chambers, or trade associations with U.S.-focused community service projects. Finalists exemplify the ability of the business sector to demonstrate social or civic leadership through a single strategic initiative.

Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold is being recognized for the Graham County Community Investment Fund (GCCIF), which allows community members to directly allocate Freeport-McMoRan social investment dollars through a committee of seven external community members and two Freeport-McMoRan employees.  This model builds collaboration among community leaders, creates increased involvement in community success, and funds programs that support economic development, education and training, health and wellness, and the environment – all of which contribute to sustainability and benefit stakeholders.

Health Care Services Corporation

Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC) is being honored for its work addressing childhood obesity through its OrganWiseGuys Community Outreach program. Using imaginative and humorous characters based on the organs of the body, this school-based program teaches children to make positive choices that help them take care of their own bodies. Comprehensive research based on a four-year study showed statistically significant improvements in weight and blood pressure measures, as well as significantly higher test scores, for children participating in OrganWiseGuys program schools as compared to other children.

Loews Hotels

Loews Hotels’ Good Neighbor Policy affirms Loews’ responsibility to the communities beyond their front doors. When this policy was initiated 20 years ago, Loews was the first in the hospitality industry to implement a comprehensive community outreach program. Loews has several primary charity partners, including Modest Needs Foundation and Donorschoose.org. To help the Modest Needs Foundation, each hotel created a Good Neighbor Council of cross-departmental employee volunteers, tasked with the development of fundraising programs. In two years, more than $525,000 was raised, providing assistance for more than 530 individuals in need.  

Navistar Diesel of Alabama

While the sluggish economy continues to spawn employee layoffs, Navistar launched a program that gives employees a chance to work in the community instead of receiving a pink slip.  Navistar piloted a three-month retention program that uses employee talents to help local nonprofit groups within the greater Huntsville, Alabama, community. Instead of assembling diesel engines, these Navistar employees refurbished homes with Habitat for Humanity, created wheelchair ramps with CASA (Care Assurance Systems for the Aging and Homebound), and sorted inventory with the Salvation Army. Shareholders benefit by having retained employees with the expertise to ensure a smooth launch of the 2010 new generation of diesel engines.  Employees who would have been laid off and lost benefits remained on the payroll. Customers benefit from the skills and commitment employees bring back to their jobs. Read more.

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC

PricewaterhouseCoopers is recognized for its culture of service. By focusing volunteer efforts to leverage employees' core competencies, including technical and financial management expertise, PwC helps fill gaps in our education system, strengthen communities, and develop the foundation necessary to remain competitive in our global economy. Nearly 70% of PwC's 32,000 U.S. partners and staff participated in the company's volunteer programs in FY'09 – a 10% increase over 2008. In FY '09, partners and staff have contributed more than 134,000 hours of service, at an estimated value of nearly $30 million. In FY '09, PwC’s firm and people gave over $30 million to the communities.

For the first time in Citizens history, judges selected two winners in the Best U.S. Neighbor category.

Best Corporate Steward Award

A corporate steward is a company that understands the linkages between its operations and society, and conducts its business in a way that creates “shared value:” both financially and responsibly over the long term. A corporate steward follows the letter and spirit of the law, but goes well beyond this to contribute actively to enhancing the communities in which it operates to support the long-term productivity of business. 

Best Buy Co., Inc.

As the world's largest consumer electronics retailer and a private label manufacturer of consumer electronics, Best Buy's corporate responsibility program is structured around Consumer Advocacy, Employee Engagement, Community Relation, Environmental Sustainability, and Ethical Supply Chain. Three of the most strategically significant social initiatives at Best Buy are electronics recycling, thier @15 program, and their locally-empowered community giving programs. In fiscal 2010, Best Buy expanded their recycling program by adding an everyday in-store recycling option across the U.S., creating the most convenient and comprehensive solution for customers to dispose of their appliances and electronics with an aggressive goal of recycling 1 billion pounds of consumer products. Best Buy’s @15 program is a social-change platform that creates personal growth opportunities for teens, supporting them at a critical time in their lives. Tag Team Awards and U.S. Community Grants are two of the initiatives that build Best Buy’s locally powered community giving programs. Tag Team Awards allows employees to trade in volunteer service hours for cash donations to the nonprofit they serve. Best Buy employees logged more than 124,500 volunteer hours in fiscal 2010, which translated to 2,303 Tag Team Awards totaling more than $2.5 million. Read more.

Duke Energy

Duke Energy is one of the largest electric power holding companies in the United States, serving approximately 4 million customers in five states in the Southeast and Midwest. Duke Energy defines corporate stewardship and sustainability as operating business in a way that is good for people, the planet, and profits. Duke is working to build the next engine of American prosperity – repowering America, putting thousands to work, creating opportunities for hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers, providing communities with millions of dollars in new taxes – and all while removing harmful pollutants from our environment. The Duke team is one of the most active on Capitol Hill and across the nation and the world advocating a smooth transition to address the climate change challenge. Known for collaborative approaches with environmental groups, consumer advocates, and other stakeholders, Duke strives to proactively develop solutions to some of their toughest societal problems.

Johnson & Johnson

With 114,000 employees at more than 250 companies, Johnson & Johnson touches the lives of over a billion people every day. Johnson & Johnson is guided by “Our Credo,” which outlines its responsibilities to its customers, employees, the communities, and shareholders. The company's Credo was written in 1943 to articulate the core components of its social, ethical, environmental and economic responsibilities – long before the term “corporate social responsibility” became part of everyday corporate lexicon. Johnson & Johnson has a long legacy of philanthropy and social responsibility, focusing on making life-changing, long-term differences in human health.


Viacom has the ability to speak directly to 600 million households worldwide, across all ages and demographics, though its 170 channels and 400 online properties in more than 160 countries and territories. Viacom's commitment to the communities it serves is brought to life through over 40 groundbreaking initiatives that address a diverse array of issues including education, employee engagement, green initiatives, and HIV/AIDS. The goal of all our CSR campaigns is to not only raise significant awareness about the issue, but also to implement lasting change in the lives of our viewers. Two specific initiatives that Viacom focuses on is the Get Schooled education initiative and Viacommunity Day.  

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., or “Walmart,” serves its customers and members more than 200 million times per week at more than 8,400 retail units under 55 different banners in 15 countries. A leader in sustainability and corporate philanthropy, Walmart ranked first among general merchandise retailers in Fortune magazine's 2010 Most Admired Companies survey. Walmart has a responsibility to lead on issues that make a difference in helping people live better. By virtue of its size, Walmart is uniquely poised to leverage sound business practices to move the needle on a variety of social issues. Through financial contributions, in-kind donations, and volunteerism, the Walmart Foundation supports initiatives focused on enhancing opportunities in hunger relief, education, workforce development, health and wellness, and environmental sustainability.
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