Additional Resources for Small Business

May 29, 2020

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is marshaling its full resources to help companies continue to operate and keep paychecks flowing to American workers and families, while mobilizing the business community to combat the pandemic. For a full list of resources, webinars, research and advocacy for small businesses, visit

Helping Small Biz

Business Resource Center for Small Business Owners

This resource center develoepd by Hello Alice is updated daily, with real-world funding, resources, and support for small business owners adapting to the impacts of coronavirus.

More Small Business Resources

  • CO— is working to bring you the best resources and information to help you navigate this challenging time. Visit the website
  • Developed in partnership with The UPS Foundation, the Resilience in a Box toolkit offers preparedness resources for small businesses.
  • MicroMentor developed a social networking platform that enables the world's largest community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business mentors to create powerful connections, solve problems, and build successful businesses together.