Final Word - Business Horizon Quarterly #10

History is full of “what if ” questions, big and small. “What if a tyrant had been stopped before war broke out” or, “what if a player made that one shot in the course of the game?” These kinds of questions prompt debate from scholarly institutions to bar stools about how the world could have been a far different place.

In all industries and activities, opportunities and risks are found in great supply. Yet, for as clearly as we may see the world around us, there are factors we can control and those we cannot. How we recognize and embrace those factors is often what defines our earnest preparedness or our shear recklessness.

Despite all of the preparations and simulations that the world’s first moonwalkers, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, endured in their years of training, even they didn’t know exactly what would happen when they stepped onto a world other than Earth. For as exhilarating and inspiring as it may have been for the world to watch those grainy black and white images broadcast on TVs around the planet, it was just as terrifying and nerve wracking for their families and NASA’s Mission Control in Houston monitoring every step they took. What if Armstrong and Aldrin never took that risk, that giant leap?